Easy German Learning

February 22nd, 2012

“Easy German Learning” is not an advertising slogan.  It is no more nor less than a straightforward statement of fact“Easy German Learning” is made up of two things.  The

German Language

itself . . . . plus “Easy Learning”.

And this has been the case ever since we ourselves were shown that the major barrier to learning is NOT the subject.


“Easy German Learning” and all our tuition, exercises and conversation practice workshops are based firmly on this principle, and we have adopted this system because we have never come across more than a small handful of schools which start their student’s education with instruction in “How to Study”.  It is therefore hardly the students’ fault that they don’t know how !

We also used to leave out this vital step.  We would teach how to speak, how to listen, how to read, how to write and how to spell, etc., until we learned that we should FIRST make sure that our students know “how to learn”.

It is because this is so often a missing component in many people’s education that they start on new subjects and then abandon them.  That they find some subjects suddenly boring or overwhelming.  That they find themselves making lots of notes, and that they need weeks and weeks of grinding revision as examination time gets closer, as job interviews arrive, or German lectures or business meetings loom on the horizon.

With Easy German Learning, once you have learned to recognise and handle the three main barriers to study progress, life as a student suddenly becomes “easy”, and you find yourself not only applying your new study methodology to Easy German Learning, but you will find that you can (and do) also start using it with your other subjects.

In Easy German Learning the “German Language” remains the “German Language”.  That doesn’t change.  It is what it is,  It is what you need and want to read, write, speak and listen to.

What changes with Easy German Learning, and the factor which makes Easy German Learning different and so much easier, is HOW we teach it and HOW you learn it.

To find out more, ring Elisabeth and arrange a trial “Easy German Learning” lesson.  Couldn’t be easier really.